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Date 06 Mar 2008
Location River Maine, Angers, France
Water Temperature Unknown
Boat(s) involved 8+
Boat Construction Under-buoyant
Outcome he crew were all rescued by an accompanying safety boat. A safety boat brought back 6 of the crew + 2 rescuers. A second boat retrieved the eight, and brought back the three remaining crew. All were wet, but not too cold and all fine 
Description regatta in France. Stream conditions were high, but rowing on Saturday passed without incident. On the same course on Sunday the wind had risen, and was blowing upstream. The start of the race was 1 km downstream of the pontoons, beyond a medieval bridge. Upstream of the bridge conditions were benign, although the current was fast. Downstream it got very rough - probably the fetch of the wind over what must be 2 kms of open water, on a river more than 300 metres wide. The first crew down was swamped by waves, and sank. In France, it seems normal practice for a safety boat to be on the water with sufficient PFDs on board for a full crew of 9

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