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Montclair High School USA 13/10/2008 22:30:19 I'm so glad that I found this site. I remember that terrible accident, but put it to the back of my mind. I am now coaching abroad, high school kids. I am going to go through every safety aspect of the team and fleet this week. Regards and support 
Medway Towns Rowing Club 14/05/2008 11:23:55 Excellent Site with invaluable information. 
None 04/05/2008 08:04:51 Thank you for a very informative site

Ardingly Rowing Club 21/12/2007 11:59:31 Mens coach , Mostyn Field. What a silly comment from Cerberus who I notice prefers to stay anonymous. Having rowed and coached on the tideway for 30 years I was pretty gung-ho on safety matters. Your website and campaign has made me think about these important issues. As a result I'm sure my sessions, now run on an isoloted lake (that sometimes freezes in parts, are much safer for all involved 
Cerberus 10/11/2007 18:50:57 I am the safety officer for one of the Tideway clubs who used to row for an Oxford College. I cannot believe how you have turned this into such a crusade - you are not the only people who have lost family to or accidents - most normal people manage to get over it without the need to inflcit their own guilt and self-importance on the behaviour of others through public campaigning.  
Pembroke College Oxford 18/06/2006 18:21:56 Pembroke College stands behind the Blockleys and their campaign for bouyancy regulations in the sport - and is phasing out the minority of its fleet that do not have inherrent bouyancy. 
Downing College Boat Club 10/10/2005 12:08:28 Having heard the news about the reopening of the inquest and the new verdict, it seems even more important that regulations about boat bouyancy are laid down. If the people in the position of making decisions affecting others' safety can not be trusted to act in the right way, or expected to foresee freak events, then the contingency of boat bouyancy should be present 100% of the time.

DCBC send our best wishes to the Blockleys and hope that the verdict on 7th October 2005 can help strengthen the Campaign. 
Hampton Roads Rowing Club 04/04/2005 22:38:46 It's important that we all learn from this tragedy and needless loss of life. 
Portsmouth Grammar School RC 26/09/2002 11:27:57 Coached both Caroline and Leo in the November prior to the accident (OULRC) and am glad that something positive has emerged from the tragedy. Have moved PGSRC to a sheltered location (it was coastal rowing) and, in addition to other safety measures, all rowers/coxes at present wear 50N buoyancy aids... 
Lincoln College Boat Club 30/04/2002 10:48:09   
University College London BC 27/04/2002 14:22:18 It's frightening to think what can happen when there is no in-boat buoyancy. Safety is something we have taken for granted until hearing about Leo's death. We row on the Tideway where I've seen the weather turn in a moment. We have Janoueks which is a comfort but there are hundreds of crews each weekend who could be taking a risk without knowing it. \r\n Good luck with your campaign. It's so sad that it's taken grief to make something so simple as sealed compartments an important issue for safety and that the ARA are so reluctant to put their foot down.\r\nemail torps@blondie.co.uk or webmaster@uclbc.co.uk 
Thames Tradesmen's RC 25/04/2002 13:51:22 TTRC has had a long-standing policy of buying Janousek and, more recently, Stampfli boats. These brands consistently manufacture boats at FISA minimum weight and include fully enclosed under-seat bouyancy compartments and come at no price premium compared to their competitors. There is no excuse for other manufacturers not to be able to do this, nor for the ARA not to recommend it. 
Georgia Tech Crew 25/04/2002 04:05:21 coach.slim@gtcrew.com 
Worcester College Boat Club (Oxford) 10/04/2002 18:49:58 When conditions rapidly deteriorated at this year's cancelled WeHORR, It was comforting to know that our new Women's boat (a Stampfli) has a sensible level of in-built buoyancy. There is no sound argument against such a simple and potentially life-saving feature and we would hope that all new boats be built with this in mind. 
Pembroke College Boat Club (Cambridge) 20/03/2002 14:57:45 We're mostly a Janousek club anyway, and support anything that will make rowing safer! 


150 individuals signed up.

Name Club Date Comments
Freya Morgan (Lodge) ex-Downing College, Imperial Medics, Sons of Thames Boatclubs  15/11/2010 15:16:26 Having had some hairy moments myself, I would fully support this campaign.  
Francis Brown Quintin Boat Club  22/02/2009 13:17:05 1. The ARA supported safety jacket is impractical and gets in the way of a sculling finish.
2. Night rowing on the tidal Thames, even with lights, is an accident waiting to happen. 
Rower and Coach rowing club  13/02/2009 10:33:22 I have seen you flyer to clubs and have some questions, I am sure you can point me to the direct answers.

1.You say "Is the ARA responsible for rowing safety?
Yes. It is obliged in law to set and enforce national
standards of practice and equipment safety." Where is this law, I'd like to see the wording.

2. You say "These standards should be the minimum
enforceable platform upon which clubs build their own
safety strategy." How do you propose these to be enforced?

3. What happened to personal responsibility, I receive guidance in many things eg How to cross a road safely, I then choose whether to follow that guidnace, is that not a very practical method of informing people of safety?

4. You use this example “Policy on wearing of PFDs for beginners and
juniors – set one and communicate and enforce.” Is this not prudent, all clubs circumstnaces are different, eg I would suggest junior (esp beginners or non swimmers) us bouyancy aids on the tideway at all times, however if they are on a lake, can swim and it is the middle of august with a safety boat on hand is this necessary, clubs have to make that decision themsleves as circumstances vary so much.

5. You say "The ARA has failed to set a firm basis of expertly
informed compulsory minimum safety standards.
Each club must now decide, unaided, whether to follow
the recommendations" having read Rowsafe and the RoSPA I think they ahve responded, Clubs ARE aided, they have RowSafe as a doc (plus other documents which you allude to, we have plenty of guidance!) We ahve to decide, based on our stretches of water, our members abilities, the time of year what is relevant to our clubs. The problem with "rules" is that something will happen that has not been acounted for, and the rules have a danger of making people complacent towards safety, not thinking about it but taking it for granted, this would make any water sort even more dangerous, guidance not rules makes people think "What does our club need, what is relevant in our situation" not "I'm following all the rules, I don't need to think about safety" (my quotes).

To conclude, I basically agree with the initial aim of this campaogn, namely flotation as standard in all boats (it is simple to do for new baots, I have an issue with "retro-fit" but that is another discussion).

However you seem to have strayed from this sensible and supportable proposal and I agree a little witht he sentiment of "Cerberus" even if his wording is a little blunt. This does seem to be a vendetta, and you appear, to me at least, to have lost sight of the initial well thought out single issue of boat flotation.

I hope you can answer my questions, and possibly get back to you original quest, which I would fully support.

I have you will see remained anonymous as I do not wish to be on the end of a "campaign" or vendetta from either yorselves or any of Leo's crew. 
Adam Drake