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Details of incident 62

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Date June 22, 2003
Location Aiken, South Carolina
Water Temperature Warm
Boat(s) involved 4x
Boat Construction Hudson Sport, open under seats
Outcome Rowers and equipment were fine. All returned to the launching dock safely by attending regatta launches. Did not even effect result of race (other than the time) - delayed regatta less than 15 minutes to clear them from the course. 
Description During a race, all four rowers - junior women - "crabbed" on starboard (bow) side - the boat tipped and swamped on that side and eventually rolled. Rowers swam across the finish line pushing the boat ahead of some competition and were awarded medals. The boat took on water in the wing riggers as well as in the bow and throughout the seating area. It was dragged to the dock by a launch and lifted and drained as much as possible. It required a large number of people to lift and dump the swamped shell - and to drain the leaky "sealed" compartment. The rowers were uninjured.

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