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Date April, 2003
Location Charles River, Boston, MA
Water Temperature 45F
Boat(s) involved Novice 4+
Boat Construction 1985 Schoenbrod
Outcome All came to the surface. One couldn't get feet out of lace style shoes until boat was swum over to shore. All had seen USRA safety video and said this helped them know to stay with the boat. Cold water was shocking and it took 10 minutes to get oriented and swim the boat 15 feet to shore. Everyone went to the hospital because of fear of hypothermia. Everyone ok and returned to practice the next day. Safety launch would have allowed kids to get out of water much sooner and probably prevented the hospital trip as this happened 100 meters from the boathouse. New velcro shoes for the boat were waiting to be installed. 
Description Novice crew, experienced coxswain. Coach was rowing in the bow seat. No safety launch. One of the crew crabbed, their gate opened and the boat rolled over.

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