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Details of incident 78

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Date March 1998
Location Snake River, Pullman WA USA
Water Temperature Approx. 45 degrees F
Boat(s) involved 8+
Boat Construction Late 80's Pocock
Outcome Even though one team member could not swim, all were safely rescued by launch 
Description Near the bend of the river where the 5K start line is, there was a significant wind that was causing whitecaps. We tried for the edge of the river where we hoped the water was better. Before we got there, the boat started to swamp so we started spinning it and rowing it ashore.

Before we got too far the boat was completely swamped. Our coach had us try and keep rowing it so we could get it as close to shore as possible. When we could row no more, he told us to "abandon ship" and picked us up in his launch and brought us ashore.

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